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Another Telephone Moment

In the movie In and Out, "Cameron" (the Matt Dillon character) leaves his anorexic model girlfriend in a small motel in a mid-American town in Indiana. She threatens to call her agent and goes to the phone and stares at the rotary dial in perplexity, then makes ineffective button-pushing motions at the numbers in the holes and starts to cry. Cute and funny but ony to an audience that would know and appreciate that there was a time when the modern coastal cities and business establishments had push-button phones while homes and smaller-town businesses still had rotary phones, and that therefore the cosmpolitan-but-dumb city model wouldn't know how to operate a rotary phone...

And anything where men wear little bitty shorts.
Fashion is different. In 2011, audiences will rent old DVDs from the turn of the century and laugh their heads off to see guys wearing shorts and cutoff jeans and swim trunks where the legs go nearly down to their knees. No one would be caught dead in anything so old-fashioned in 2011, except maybe Grandpa. And don't even get me started on those baggy-ass jeans!
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