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Originally posted by KGS
There was one question that literally made my jaw drop: "Max thinks his wife is a rug. Every night, he takes here out and _____'s her." The contestant's answer was "beat." Not only did this get a HUGE laugh from the crowd, but he matched 4 out of 6 panelists, who all made jokes about it! Man, that would NEVER fly today!!
You reminded me of one that I've mentioned before in another thread: Card Sharks. You remember, the game where they surveyed 100 people, and you had to guess how many agreed or disagreed with the statement? Well, before they would make their guesses, the contestants were, I guess, encouraged to milk it a little and talk about why they're choosing the number they're choosing.

So, the question is, "How many people out of 100 said that they had slapped their own face?" And the contestant says, "Well, I know sometimes when you've been drinking you do that to wake yourself up before you drive home..." And no one was one bit shocked!