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Hi Osiris, just watched all three Back to the Future flicks on DVD and was pleasantly suprised to see how well they've aged.
The Tab (and the Pepsi Free) that Marty orders needed to be drinks that were popular mid-80's but not exist in 1955 -- I guess it's odd that neither of them really survived the 80's either.

One of the things the commentary track brought out was how carefully the film makers had chosen some of the props/gags -- Pepsi was chosen over Coke as the '55 Coke logo and the '85 version were essentially the same, whereas the Pepsi logo had changed significantly in the 30 years.

Overall though, technology wasn't the focus (even though technically a sci-fi movie) and so doesn't look so badly dated as most sci-fi 15+ years on. And, IMHO at least, the DeLorean still looks great.

As to the OP, well I'm still a Star Trek fan, but boy has the original series dated. Partially its the clunky looking computers and gadgetry, but also the acting style and pacing, and the attitudes. Any scene with Kirk and a woman is likely to be especially cringeworthy.