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On Santorum...

Originally Posted by UltraVires View Post
I honestly didn't know the source of the "other meaning" and that's why I asked about it in GQ. I had seen the posts snickering about it, and just assumed that it had some sort of double entendre in the Greek language, or was mistranslated, or something (similar to an English surname like Glasscock). I had no idea that it was a political enemy just making something up and that's why I agree with the OP in that it has no legitimacy at all.

Let's take Biden. Imagine Rush Limbaugh decides on his radio show that a "biden" is something obscene, has it google bombed, and every time someone here posts about the VP, conservatives follow up with snicker posts about it.

My point is that the insult, taunt, or whatever, is illegitimate. You can't make up the insult and then use it. I hereby declare that the name Der Tris means "Christian Missionary" and in every thread that he rails against religion, I am going to follow each of his posts with, "That's pretty ridiculous coming from a der tris! Yuk, yuk!"