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Originally Posted by Procrustus View Post
Several billion people get by without Buddhism every day. I truly don't understand why you can't, especially since you don't actually care for it. What do you expect to hear when you post "Buddhism feels like a chain for me?" Do you expect someone will post something that will bring clarity and insight that will help you accept this particular faith? Or are you seeking permission to let it go?

If I posted here that I'm so sick of Dancing With the Stars, and I don't enjoy it one bit, but I try to watch each and every episode, people would rightfully tell me to just stop watching that stupid show.
I guess Iím looking for permission to let go. But itís hard though, especially when people paint it as capital T truth. Makes it hard to let go. I mean the advice for loneliness makes it seem like making friends to relieve it is akin to an alcoholic getting a drink, itís feeding the addiction. Thatís just one case, but it makes me feel bad for wanting things or feeling things. Then Iím left in stasis wondering what to do. Itís like I canít do anything I want without in the back of my mind thinking ďBuddhism says this is wrongĒ (a gross generalization but I think thatís the general theme from what I read).