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Originally Posted by bup View Post
He sent them to get the broomstick of the wicked witch! He at least knew he was giving them a mission that was be suicidal if they undertook it, and for no reason.
Hell, the entire movie from the arrival in Munchkin Land on is just Glinda's convoluted plan to become the only power left in Oz. She could have sent Dorothy home immediately - her excuse of "You had to learn how much you missed home before you could return" is BS. Dorothy was trying to go back to Auntie Em when she got caught by the tornado. Glinda just saw Dorothy as a stooge she could use to expose the Wizard as a fraud, and kill the WWotW, then send her home. You can't tell me Glinda didn't know that the Wizard was just a humbug, or that the WWotW couldn't actually kill Dorothy. By the end of the movie, Glinda was ready to rule Oz with an iron fist. Sure, "only bad witches are ugly", but they can be beautiful too.