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Originally Posted by Hockey Monkey View Post
Kang was part of the Halloween quests. Remember him flying around in the space saucer? You had to buy the ray gun and shoot him down. He crashed into the ray gun, destroying it. You can see mine in the far left upper corner beside Cletus' farm and behind the Observatory. I hate you didn't get him. He's a lot of fun. Bart will even ride him on the handlebars like E.T.

I enjoyed the zombies too. I wish I could have left everyone in Springfield "turned". The animations were great.
So I have to wait for next Halloween to get another shot at Kang? Damn! I got the App only a week before Halloween and hadn't figured out the nuances yet. (I also learned to turn down the volume if I'm taking my IPad into work. Homer blurted out "Another job mediocrely done" at exactly the wrong moment in a meeting!)