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Originally Posted by Werekoala View Post
Wow, that's awful - how many people did he kill?
I take it that your point is that if he did not kill anyone, or intend to kill anyone, then "no harm, no foul", is that correct? Any everyone is just making a big deal out of nothing?

Well, for the shoppers in the store, how were they supposed to determine what was in the mind of the man with the gun? Was he a patriot exercising his rights? Was he looking for suicide by cop? Was he about to hold up the store? Was he recently divorced and depressed and was going to kill as many people as possible?

How were the people in the store to know?

So I believe they were right to call 911. I don't think they were feeling particularly happy at this point.

Once the police arrived, they drew their guns. How were they to know what was in this man's mind? (see list above) Were the police correct to do this? I believe they were. I hope there were no other police matters that needed them at that moment.

Bottom line.... So nobody was killed - that is a good thing. So was this "no harm, no foul"? No, in my opinion it was not. Harm was caused by this doofus.