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Originally Posted by Airbeck View Post
Yeah, evidently we can only define something done with a gun as stupid if there is actual death resulting from it.
Here's one I came across earlier. Man kills a 22yr-old guy who pulled into wrong driveway. Killed him as he was trying to get the fuck out of the driveway, too. Of course, his 'defense' is he thought his home was being invaded, so he goes OUTSIDE to shoot him. After he fired a stray round into the air, and maybe injuring someone else in his masculine fantasy world. God Bless America! Right?

The homeowner is a chickenshit who should shoot one more round - into his own head, of course. That would be the smartest thing possible for such proud-to-own-gun persons. I bet he lacks the moral courage to self-enforce his own death penalty.

Anyone want to show how much safer we all are with such upstanding citizens ready to murder anyone crossing into their fantasy lands?