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Originally Posted by Der Trihs View Post
Because a man showed up showing off a lethal weapon when he had no rational reason to do so. He wasn't a cop, he wasn't a soldier, he wasn't leaving a gun store, he wasn't hunting. Fear is the rational response to someone like that. He's lucky that there weren't any of his fellow Second Amendment fanatics around who decided to be "heroic" and shoot him.

Quite possibly; gun fetishists get off on scaring people. They're bullies at heart. Scum.
Fear is not a rational response unless you've been trained to be afraid of guns, or more importantly people who carry them. He wasn't showing off, he was (again, important point) completely and legally carring his rifle on his shoulder - and being a complete moron in the process. We do not know if he was a "fetishist", bully, or scum, but being an idiot isn't illegal either.

Then again, having been following your posts on the wider matter at hand, I'd expect no less from you.