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Originally Posted by Der Trihs View Post
Now, now; everything can be made better with More Guns.
Well we are trying, we really are. The Congressional Research Service last estimated in 2009 that there were 310 million guns in the US.

This last December there were 2.8 million NICS background checks. Now the background checks are done only at the point of sale, so they provide a pretty good idea of the number of guns bought. This isn't a perfect method because some people buy more than one gun per background check, concealed carry holders don't usually have to go through another check, and some small number of people fail the check. Most people who would fail a background check do not attempt to legally purchase, hence the small number of rejections.

That 2.8 million in December is high, it was only a little over 2 million in November. But if we do the math using a more conservative number of 1.5 million per month since 2009 we arrive at a number north of 400 million, the real answer is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of half a billion guns in the US.

There are currently only 315 million people in the US.

We are trying to keep up with demand, just give us some time to catch up, Ok?