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Originally Posted by fumster View Post
And what puzzles me is how anti gun control folks reach the opposite conclusion from that stat (if indeed it is true).
Have any of the anti-gun folks provided any cites?

To me, the obvious conclusion is that all transfers of guns should require a background check and all guns should be registered. How else do we know if the felon turned in his guns?
The license is a de facto background check. You can't get a license without one.

Originally Posted by Enkel View Post
DAMN! There goes that "no one has committed a crime with an automatic weapon since [pick date @ 100 years ago ]" mantra.
Accident /= crime. There is usually an intent requirement or something close to it.

Originally Posted by jasg View Post
Yeah but that would mean, like Socialism or something and they don't like guns and stuff.
Socialists don't like guns?

Originally Posted by Condescending Robot View Post
Concealed carry has been legalized in every state over the last 50 years, over which crime, violence, murder, and gun crime have consistently gone down.

I am not claiming a relationship. It is much more likely that factors such as the end to using lead paint, legalized abortion and contraception, a different view of child abuse, more stringent imprisonment such as three-strikes laws, and many other societal factors are responsible for the precipitous drop in violence crime. In fact, when looking at the data properly, the only rational conclusion is that gun laws and gun ownership have no relationship at all to any category of crime.

Please resume your regularly scheduled emotion-driven irrationality.
Irrationality is about as fundamental to the anti-gun folks as it is to the anti-nuclear power folks or anti-gay folks. They don't give a shit about the facts, they know the TRUTH!!!

Every expert on both sides of the debate that has opined on the subject of CCW has said that CCW presents no greater danger to the public than not having CCW. In fact they seem to think that CCWs are generally safer and less prone to crime than the general population.