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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
All you have left at this point is digging up dead children to parade around and insults.
You're pathetic.

I don't know but an accident /=crime. It could be some form of criminal negligence but just because someone dies (even if its a little girl) doesn't mean a crime has been committed.
Sorry hon, but dead, innocent, children are a travesty by anyone's (but yours) standards. And most likely having an automatic weapon in most states is illegal in and of itself. And using an automatic weapon as a crutch is ridiculous to every person in the free world except maybe you. Would you be saying the same thing if this dead child was you own? If you answer yes all I can reply is "YOU MONSTER", yeah stole it from GLADOS. Oh and we don't have to dig up dead children, you gun nuts are laying them out every damn day in plain site.