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Originally Posted by phouka View Post
And why is that such a surprise?

I've had a principal tell me I had to give failing students a passing grade. Not failing with a 59%. Failing with a 23%. In one case, the student was failing with a 4%. The vice principal told me that I should hold an impromptu parent-teacher conference in the middle of class because the parent had shown up unannounced and demanded my attention. When I pointed out that I could not discuss the student in question with his father in front of other students, because it violated privacy policies, she told me to take the discussion into the hallway. When I pointed out that, by law, I couldn't leave the students in my classroom without supervision, she got angry with me.
My girlfriend's (corrupt and inept) principal made a declaration that all parent emails would be answered within 15 minutes of having arrived in the teachers in box between the hours of 7am and 7pm. When it was explained to him that 1) they had lives and 2) for part of that day they were, well...teaching children and not looking at their email, he did not back down. Instead, he started firing teachers for non-compliance to policy.

This was the same bozo who insisted that all teachers have a Facebook page and friend their students and parents. Like that is going to be a winning situation when someone tags a photo of you with the huge appletini.