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I actually started watching wrestling in the WWWF era with the Von Erichs.

I loved the 80's era. But, the shows were terrible. By the early 90's, TV was all squashes and the only decent matches you could see were on PPV. Thank god the WCW came along and introduced some real competition. When they got Paul White (The Giant,) I thought they won. He is probably the best wrestler of his generation. But then the Attitude Era started, and WWE hit it out of the park. WCW's nWo crap couldn't compete, and then they started putting celebrities into main events like Jay Leno or Dennis Rodman. WCW folding was the end, I stopped watching after that. I tried to see if WWE could create self-competition, but without the Rock or Steve Austin, the attitude was gone. The talent level went up, but when the lightweights started turning into 4 foot tall steroid monsters, I gave up.

I regret not being into it during the RoH era, I think I would have really enjoyed seeing Samoa Joe in his prime, or pure Brian Danielson.