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My greatest WWE moments:

6. Steve Austin busts out the 3:16 after winning King of the Ring for the first or second time.
5. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Triple H) debuts in a pig sty match against some Farmer Jobber. Somehow, he wins, but probably one of the most undramatic debuts of a future superstar ever.
4. Parking lot match vs Steven Regal and the Irish guy where they got mad and started really pounding on each other. Irish guy needed surgery after.
3. Chris Benoit reverses the choke slam on the Giant during a Raw taping and turns it into an STF, cementing his giant killer status.
2. The first ever "You Suck" chant during Kurt Angle's entry music. He really blossomed after that.
1. Every interview the Rock has ever had after he became The Rock.

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