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I still think it will be a few years until Cena turns heel. While us smarks can't stand him, he's still a big draw to the kids and their merchandise-buying parents. I did think he was going to turn heel against Daniel Bryan, since at one point in his promos he talked about how he earned his big houses and cars because he had the ambition to do so. Bryan just likes to wrestle. He doesn't aspire to be a big name. He said he took a test which revealed he scored in the lowest percentile for ambition. That's been a behind-the-scenes criticism of Bryan, since he doesn't do any political jockeying. The fans like him so much, he doesn't have to.

I've been fast-forwarding through the Stephanie/Brie drama. Their showdown just does not interest me, mainly because I see it as some prima donna from the office who wants air time. The most egregious example I remember of that was when fat blobby Ed Ferrara booked himself over Vampiro in WCW. I guess there has to be at least one match on the card that allows the audience time to get beer refills.