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Originally Posted by Cubsfan View Post
If anything Jay was a full fledged accomplice in the actual murder. There is really no mystery about Adnan. He can't actually accuse Jay of helping him because in the process he will have to admit he did it and knows what happened etc...
Jay admitted to being an accessory after the fact at least, if his version of events is true. But didn't the prosecution allow him to plead out to a much lesser offense in order to get his testimony?

I'm not convinced of Adnand's guilt, or of Jay's for that matter. It seems that all attempts to corroborate circumstantial with actual physical evidence have failed. A key point seems to be Anand's having called up Jay from a pay phone


that was supposed to have been in the parking lot of a Best Buy. But nobody seems to have been able to confirm that there ever was such a pay phone. One of the interviewees on the podcast suggests the phone was inside the lobby area of the store itself. Huh? I have never seen such a thing in any Best Buy or similar store.

We have one pothead and one pothead/pot retailer, but that's it. As far as I can tell neither one seems to be the gangster type. IIRC Jay alleged that Anand had blackmailed him into helping him after the fact, or else he would tell the police about Jay's marijuana dealing. I can see how Jay might have been pressured into helping Anand move the body and bury it, because Jay wanted to keep his dealing on the down low, but that theory only makes sense if it's already established through other means that Anand was the murderer. The prosecution's argument seems to be: Anand pressured Jay into helping him with the body, and therefore Anand was the murderer. In my non-lawyerly opinion, this works only if you've already concluded that Anand was the murderer in the first place.

Friends and acquaintances indicate that Anand and Hae remained on good terms after they broke up. This doesn't make it impossible that Anand murdered her, of course, but if I were on that jury the near-absence of any kind of smouldering resentment on Anand's part would definitely concern me.