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Originally Posted by mr. jp View Post
I actually also think the phone was there. Seems like someone would've pointed it out if it wasn't.
It would be completely mental if it wasn't there. Just utterly incomprehensible. Best Buy is the single most important location in Jay's story. It's supposed to be the freaking murder scene. Surely the cops would go there and try to reconstruct Adnan's movements. Then surely Adnan's lawyer would do the same thing. We're supposed to believe that no one, at any point, would go, "Um, there's no phone here"? And would Jay tell a story at trial, even if it is full of holes, that could be shot down that easily? That cross-examination would be one quick and easy day's work for Adnan's lawyer. "There's no phone at Best Buy, dude. Mind telling us what really happened?" would be enough to get Adnan off. Trial over.

If there was no phone, then... I give up, I think. Just release the guy from prison already, because clearly everyone involved in the case, from the detectives, to his lawyer, to the key witness, were all either blubbering idiots or utterly corrupt liars.

So, I'm with you. For now I'm going with the assumption that there was a phone there in 1999, even if one shoplifter remembers otherwise.