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By the way, here's the Best Buy parking lot. You can't really see the spot where the murder supposedly took place from the road, but it's clearly a wide open public area where you wouldn't want to be dragging a dead body into the trunk in broad daylight.

However, you can pretty much see where the cell phone is supposed to have been based on Jay's map. It looks like it's supposed to be all the way over on the side of the parking lot nearest to the McDonald's (which is also still there). Problem: that just doesn't look like a realistic spot where a pay phone might be. The border of the Best Buy side is all parking spaces, then there's a steep grassy embankment, then there's the parking spaces in the McDonald's lot. There's just no place to put a phone (even if we should expect there to be one in a parking lot at all, which in itself would strike me as weird). You could argue the phone was on the sidewalk, but (A) that's not what Jay describes, and (B) that too is not where pay phones go. It's not a residential area, there's virtually no foot traffic.

For this and other reasons, I'm actually very confident that the whole thing didn't go down the way Jay claims. The only thing that directly ties Adnan to the crime is a statement that can't be made plausible unless we assume that it's a lie. That makes it unreliable by definition, doesn't it?