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I'm feeling aggrieved about one hand and disappointed with myself with another.

The first hand bidding went three passes, 1H (me), Double, 2H, Pass, 3D, Passed out. Partner had 4 hearts and 3 diamonds, leaving me in a 4-3 fit rather than a 4-4 fit. I had 18 points, partner 7. We went down 3. Grrr.

The second hand I'm sure the bidding was my fault, but I'm not sure where I went wrong. Partner opened 1H, I rebid 3D (showing 16+ points, strong suit), partner bid 3S, I bid 3NT, and it was passed out. Making all 7, for a plain bottom. I had S?x HA DAKxxxx CAJxx and partner had SAKxx HKQTxx Dxx CKQ. The lead was a club. The missing heart honour dropped and I made 2 Spade tricks, 5 Heart tricks, 2 Diamond tricks, and 4 Club tricks.