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Originally Posted by amarone View Post
I can see a way to make this without a defensive error, on a hand consistent with the bidding and lead. However, it's very unlikely I would find it at the table. In real life I would bang out 6 rounds of diamonds and put some pressure on LHO. LHO probably has something in every suit (hence the safe trump lead) and does not have both A and KC as then would have led one. The most likely error is LHO coming down to just three spades, in which case KS, AS, ruff establishes the 10.

It is tempting to throw a club towards the queen. If LHO wins with KC, they know you are missing an ace but have to guess which one. If they guess wrong (surely you would not be mad enough to play clubs missing AK?) you now have some squeeze prospects.

The problem is that the bidding has been very illuminating. They know you have three aces and a minimum, therefore nothing else of note. If you play a club and LHO wins AC, they know you do not have KC and can play another club to partner.

Now here is the legitimate line. You need LHO to have: 5+ spades (a given); 3+ hearts including at least three of QJT9; KJT or AJT of clubs (and can have other small clubs).

You play out 6 rounds of diamonds coming down to:

QJxx                Q9            x
QJ                                9xx
-                                 -
AJ                  AT43          Kxx
Note that West has yet to discard.

If W discards a spade, you play KS, AS, ruff a spade to establish the 10.
If W discards a heart, you cash KH and finesse East for the 9H.
If W discards JC, you exit with a club, throwing a spade from hand. You can now squeeze East in hearts and clubs.
If W discards AC, you play QC, establishing the 9.

Incidentally, I don't like the Blackwood bid. You have shown a minimum hand yet your partner is playing you to have three aces, plus you also need either QH, or KC to get rid of his club loser. That gives you at least 14 points, which you will not have after the 3D bid. And what was he going to do if you responded 5H, so you are missing 2 aces? I suppose he could bid 5S and hope you bid 5NT, losing just the first 6 club tricks.

Your read is exactly what happened, except West had the KJx of clubs, not the ace. I ran all the diamond but one, cashed the spade king and led a spade to my Ace of spades. West had been forced to guess, and had reduced her spade length to 3 before I touched the suit. When I ruffed the 3rd spade my ten was established. Contract made!