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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
My partner and I had a freakish hand come up today. I'll present it as a bidding problem.
Both vulnerable you deal and open 1 Spade with
♠ KQ87642
♡ A4
♢ AK54
♣ -
Your LHO overcalls 2 Diamonds; partner jumps to 4 Hearts; RHO passes.
What do you call?
It depends on what 4H means. With most of my partners it means singleton or void heart, with at least 4 spades, in which case I can probably bid 7S as there are not enough points outside hearts and diamonds for him not to have AS.

I suspect that you play it to mean lots of hearts. He is unlikely to have much else as a) s/he should then start with 2H, which is forcing, and b) LHO must have something outside diamonds. Still, if partner has x KQJTxxxx x xxx slam is great unless they lead a trump. Even on a trump lead you are home if the hand with AS does not have another trump to lead - a reasonably likely prospect with only 3 hearts between them. The question is how to make a slam try. 4S is natural, 4NT gets an answer we cannot interpret because of the void club, 5C/D are possible. 5H would normally be asking partner to bid 6H with a diamond control. If you do not have that agreement, I bid 5H, otherwise I bid 5C.