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Originally Posted by OldGuy View Post
However 4H over 2D is a double jump not a jump. I'd certainly play it as a splinter. 3H would be a weak jump
A double-jump is still a jump. You wouldn't say "I opened 1NT and partner quadruple-jumped to 6NT", you would just say "jumped". I agree 3H is a weak jump.

While I think my regular partners would take it as a splinter, as per my original post on this hand, an Internet search suggests that this is not the most common meaning. For example (emphasis mine):
Originally Posted by Larry Cohen
A jump above 3-of-opener's major is a Splinter Bid. This includes 1-3 and 1-4. Splinter bids are assumed to be approximately 12-15 points in support (and 4+ trump). Splinter Bids are not used in Competition. They are off after a double or an overcall. A jump to 4-of-the opponent's suit is still (always) a Splinter bid.