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Originally Posted by JohnT View Post
Btw, that's a double ignore of Wolfpup.

Welcome to the club. May our man bring you your smoking jacket? How do you prefer your scotch?
You are too kind, sir. And far too modest. May I remind everyone that you are yourself the recipient of the coveted triple ignore, a stature heretofore unachieved by anyone else, and one which I can only look upon with all appropriate awe.

While I'm under no illusions that I can achieve a triple ignore myself, hope springs eternal, and there are so many opportunities that I can't help but make another effort, to wit:
Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Asians are better at 'our' culture than we are. Because the selection pressure that created them happened to lead to adaptations that are slightly more optimal at it. That's what I think at the present.
Here we are informed that the Asian has been genetically evolved to conscientiously do his homework, get top grades, and be a top-notch contributor to the white Aryan culture. You can tell this by their slanty eyes, which genetically came about from cramming all night by candlelight in order to get an "A" on the next day's test. The logic is of course impeccable, as befits SamuelA's giant throbbing brain analyzing all data at superhuman speeds -- and certainly not racist in any way whatsoever -- but I still want to know SamuelA's genetic theories of other races, and here I note that SamuelA has not yet offered his opinion, as I asked before, on what I imagine he would familiarly refer to -- being non-racist in any way whatsoever -- as "the Negro".

I would assume that the corresponding theory is that the Negro is genetically predisposed to be stupid and eke out a career dealing drugs and robbing gas stations. Those Negroes who might graduate magna cum laude from Harvard Law and become president of the United States are, of course, freaks of nature and can be ignored. So I am anxious to hear SamuelA's view of the Negro, cast in the same light of "genetic adapation" to the white Aryan culture in which he has -- in so incredibly non-racist a manner -- cast the brilliant Asian. The genetic contribution to societal productivity is certainly an important concept to all non-racists and non-Nazi non-eugenicists like SamuelA, so we would like to hear more from this eminent authority.