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I hate myself right now, but he's not saying this is a progression. He's saying that it's multiple choice.

Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
What are the possible reasons that this won't happen? Because it will unless something incredible happens.

a. A nuclear war ends civilization first
b. It turns out that human beings have mystical 'souls' that provide us our sentience
c. All the major powers agree that AI research is too dangerous and refuse to do it and nobody cheats and everyone honors the agreement and a world police force is formed to inspect all nations.
d. It turns out that the problem is too hard and you can't just write an algorithm you can describe in a few pages and kick the ass of any human alive at a well defined task. Oh, whoops, you can.
e. It's going to take so long that you and I will both be dead of old age first.
He is, of course, the King of "Then-A-Miracle-Occurs". This thread amply demonstrates that.