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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
What you have is not data, its a factoid. Its a journalistic article conveying a trivial item of information claiming to be data.

Once again.

On the one hand: Two peer reviewed studies say that cops do not kill blacks more frequently than whites.

On the other hand: Pro publica does some back of the napkin math to conclude cops kill blacks (between the ages of X and Y) 21 times more frequently than whites and calls it a study that has a 95% degree of confidence that the actual number is 10 times to 40 times, and then the statistician withdraws his support of the "study"

So obviously there is conflicting data, amirite?

This is how the right perpetuates the global warming debate...with conflicting "data"

Or the left perpetuates the GMO debate

Or the whackadoodles perpetuate the vaccine debate
Considering what you've said before about black culture, BLM, and many other related issues, I don't find your opinion on this remotely convincing.
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