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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
Being called a racist doesn't bother me, especially not when I am arguing based on facts and evidence and the accuser is not.
So apparently Shodan thinks it's "arguing based on facts and evidence" to believe that it's totally fine to refer to some black people by the n-word, and justify this by citing a (long-disavowed and regretted by the comedian) Chris Rock comedy bit. 'Cause that's why I called him a racist. In case anyone thinks it might be worthwhile to talk with him about any issue related to race.

Sadly, most racists don't know that they are racist. They think they have good reasons (like a disavowed and regretted comedy bit!?) for various racist assertions. And very rarely are they capable of looking within themselves and realizing this. I suppose there's a chance that Shodan could become one of these rare individuals... we can always hope.

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