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Originally Posted by Bone View Post
One person, yes. Zero people, no. A million or a hundred bazililon, yes.

You are moving from the specific to the general. Article 3, section 2 says, 'SCOTUS shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact ... under such regulations as the Congress shall make. '

What regulations do you think Congress can make, and why is size not one of them?

Congress can set the size of the Supreme Court. They have done this several times through the years. And since congressional acts are presumably constitutional, and the legislation was signed by multiple different presidents, and advanced my multiple different Congressional sessions, the burden is on you to present evidence that Congress does not have this power that they have exercised for the history of the country.

There is no one with any credibility advancing the position you are advancing. All legal scholars, the congress, and all past presidents have not advanced the ideas you are advancing. Basically, you're super duper wrong here.
Nothing you noted says congress can set the size of another branch of government.

That people have gone with it so far does not mean it is law. It only means no one has challenged it so far.
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