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Court packing would further hurt the legitimacy of the Courts, but the legitimacy of the courts is already seriously in question, and I blame mainly Republicans for that. And let's face it: this is exactly what oligarchs want - they want people to lose faith in government and its institutions. If institutions operate in the public interest, the best way to destroy them is to convince people that they're partisan.

I don't see a way out of this decadence except a peaceful mini-revolution, like the New Deal was back in the 1930s. For this to happen, people will have to lose faith in the oligarch's economic system, which is what modern American capitalism is in its present form. A massive financial collapse will be painful, but it would also provide an opportunity for productive disruption. But it would be just that - an opportunity and nothing more. For revolutions to succeed, wisdom and competence are required. It's entirely possible that anti-oligarchs would be just as incompetent and authoritarian as their oligarch nemeses - perhaps more so. America has had the great fortune of having been steered in the right direction by great leaders during times of crisis, but that doesn't always happen.

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