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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
And in breaking news just yesterday, in yet another 5-4 decision Roberts joined the batshit wing when "five justices of the Supreme Court authorized Missouri to torture a man to death."
Lest this be thought hyperbole:

Originally Posted by Mark Joseph Stern
Russell Bucklew is a death row inmate in Missouri who suffers from a rare medical condition called cavernous hemangioma. Due to this disorder, his body is covered with tumors filled with blood vessels. Tumors in Bucklew’s neck and throat, his lips and uvula, which make it difficult for him to breathe. They are highly sensitive and frequently squirt blood. A medical expert, Dr. Joel Zivot, has testified that if Missouri administers a lethal injection to Bucklew, he will die a slow, agonizing death. His tumors will rupture and fill his mouth with blood, and he will suffocate to death in unbearable pain, choking and convulsing on the gurney as he dies.
... Bucklew asked to be killed with nitrogen gas so that he can die from “hypoxia,” a lack of oxygen, because his death from hypoxia would be faster than his death from lethal injection.

[That the lethal injections will needlessly torture Bucklew is NOT in dispute. The majority opinion of the Court is that torture doesn't matter becuase it isn't "deliberate"]
According to Gorsuch, “the question in dispute” here is whether lethal injection “cruelly superadds pain” to Bucklew’s death. But that language does not come from Baze or Glossip. It comes from Thomas’ separate opinions, which were joined only by Scalia. With one neat trick, Gorsuch has transformed the “superadds pain” test from a minority viewpoint to binding Supreme Court precedent.

... Welcome to our post-Kennedy death penalty jurisprudence, where legalized torture is back on the table.
Pack the Supreme Court to reduce the power of these five horrible disgusting excuses for judges? I'd be ashamed of any Democrat who does NOT want to do that.