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Originally Posted by JohnT View Post
Kind of an imbalance in that it takes 5 donuts to buy an Oscar, but only 2 donuts to rush somebody to make one.
Thinking about this...

I have a guy who does 2 Oscars in the same time it takes the others to do 1.

Rushing him costs the same as the others: 2 donuts.

Therefore, 1 tennis court can be bought with 10 donuts.

(Effectively, 1 donut = 1 Oscar = .25% rating boost.)

The Big Pig, Police Tank, and Hot Tub gives 2.5% and is 60 donuts, a .000416% boost per donut.

Even with this mystery box, they still go for 30 donuts, a .000832% boost per donut.

Question: Does 10 donuts sound like a good price for a 2.5% boost in rating?

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