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Originally Posted by Typo Negative View Post
Not to beat a dead horse, but the link says the prosecution's position is that they were not dying of starvation or thirst.

My whole point, and some seems to have missed it, is that the matter not nearly as black and white as made out in the OP.
No. I specifically quoted what you said. You argued that the guy could not be moral because he gave food and drink to suspected illegal immigrants, but did not call ICE on them. You even went on a rant about how horrible "illegals" are, using a slur to attack them.

You may want to pretend you didn't say that garbage I quoted (and an additional post where you added more garbage). But you did say it, and it completely recolors everything.

We now know your true motivation was the hatred of "illegals," and not anything about the law. Same as when someone talks about women "asking for it" after saying that the accused rapist is "innocent until proven guilty."

You can't go back to that neutral stance once you reveal your true nature.