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Originally Posted by The Other Waldo Pepper View Post
But that’s my point: if a minority of dictionaries list it that way, then I wasn’t wrong; the poster who stated that it’s listed as derogatory in any dictionary was wrong, and should’ve made some other claim instead.
I also pointed out that dictionary was over 40 years old and thus is not current. I'm sure if you looked in a dictionary from, say 1850 the term n***** would not be listed as offensive as it is now, and "negro" would be deemed polite although at best it's borderline these days.

Hence my reference to "hairsplitting".

It’s an interesting — and derogatory? — claim that you’re putting out there; I
take it you mean I’m not a decent human, because no matter what else I do I refer to such people as ‘illegals’ instead of ‘illegal aliens’ or ‘people who are here illegally’ or whichever term you prefer?
Remember this phrase: "people are not illegal". In other words, "legal" is an adjective, not a noun. "Illegal aliens" and "people who are here illegally" are both more acceptable that using "illegal" as a noun.

If so, then: if you had to guess, what percent of this country would you figure “are not decent humans”?
Seat of my pants? Around 40% these days. That's a wild ass guess, I have no statistics or cites to back it up with, it's purely opinion.