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Originally Posted by The Other Waldo Pepper View Post
Iím not asking whether it would surprise you; Iím asking whether it would show that BigT was wrong. (But, for clarity: would online sources suffice?)
You're shifting goalposts and you think you're witty.

Originally Posted by The Other Waldo Pepper View Post
But what Iím asking is: do people make routine and unremarkable use of the term ďtrespassersĒ even when describing folks who havenít been legally convicted of it?
No, I don't actually hear that term very much. Where do you live that you do?

Originally Posted by The Other Waldo Pepper View Post
How does that not cut both ways? You say that I canít tell by looking at someone what their legal status is or isnít; wouldnít I likewise have trouble trying to tell by looking at someone what the story is when it comes to documents?
Why the hell are you stopping random people and asking to see their residency/citizenship documents? No, you CAN'T tell by "looking at someone" if they're here legally or not, or even whether their a citizen or not.

It's no harder to spot genuine/fake residency documents than genuine/fake driver's licenses or other forms of ID or Official Government Document. People who hire employees at a company routinely have to ask for ID that proves a person has permission to work in the US. This isn't rocket science. If anything, the official documents for legal immigrants are more consistent and therefore easier to deal with than what's commonly used for native born US citizens which is the birth certificate - which varies widely depending on location and when a person was born. I expect at some point they're going to tell all of us old farts who have actually hung onto our very first iteration of it that our 20th Century version doesn't meet modern standards and we have to get an updated copy with all sorts of fancy anti-fraud measure in it but that hasn't happened yet.