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Originally Posted by Chisquirrel View Post
How about you actually cite one, instead of ranting on and on about how BigT is wrong, even though you refuse to actual prove your point?
::shrugs:: Okay, let’s start with one.


How about Macmillan? Their online dictionary, which of course labels a number of other words as “offensive”, mentions nothing of the sort when indicating that this noun means an illegal immigrant.

So I'll do it. The vast majority of current dictionaries dealing with the general English language define illegal as a derogatory slur.
So take it up with BigT, who should’ve done what you just did by sensibly referring to “the vast majority of current dictionaries” or some such instead of just leading off with an “any”. I’m not saying I dispute your sensible remark here; why didn’t you sensibly dispute BigT’s remark there?