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Originally Posted by BigT View Post
Even if these people were somehow the enemy, offering your enemy food and water is the right thing to do. Only a sociopath worries about allegiances when it comes to helping the sick and dying.
Indeed! If one sees a fellow human being in distress—especially in extreme climates, like the middle of a desert—one offers such assistance as one is able to offer. Failure to do so makes one a rather shitty human being.

I guess we're not supposed to offer help unless it's to the right kinds of people these days. But I've never made a habit of conducting background checks on people before offering to help, so how am I supposed to know who is worthy of being treated as a human being and who am I supposed to treat like dirt?

Like, if I go ice fishing on Long Lake in the dead of winter, and see a Canadian fall through some thin ice, am I to inquire of his immigration status before I try to pull him out of the water and take him someplace to get warm? After all, Canadians are notorious visa overstayers (cite). Or perhaps all would be forgiven, since a typical French Canadian would have the "correct" skin color.