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Originally Posted by Scylla View Post
People own their own labor and can sell it as they see fit. If it was not a living wage, wouldn’t they go elsewhere, thus limiting supply and driving up price?
Good question to ask the coal miners and factory workers and failing farmers why they voted for Trump to bring their jobs back, rather than go to where the job were at.

Where are you suggesting a non-college educated factory worker move to in order to limit the supply and drive up the price? Where should they get the money for that move?

The problem with anyone bringing up "Econ 101", is that it always seems as though that is as far as they got, and just like insisting that Math 101 says you can't take the root of a negative number, and therefore, wrongly insisting that it cannot be done, there is a reason why the people who actually worry about and work on these things go beyond the basic survey class and actually learn the nuance of how the subject works.