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Originally Posted by Stanislaus View Post
Boris isn't dumb, and can string sentences together. He's also arrogant, raised from birth to think he's special, and a serial adulterer. He is, even by the standards of politicians, in love with the sound of his own voice. He's very definitely populist, and if he's not specifically saying "Make Britain Great Again" a big part of his pitch to the country is vague exhortations to believe in ourselves coupled with sweeping declarations that everyone pointing out problems that can't be solved just by positive feelings is a naysayer talking down Britain.

His education would suggest that he's capable of grasping detail, but a regular feature of his career as journalist, London Mayor and Foreign Secretary is that, like Trump, he blurts out what he wants to be true rather than what is. See for example, his recent speech in which he claimed that fish smokers on the Isle of Man were being put to unneccessary costs by EU rules requiring them to put a chemical cool pack in their postal kipper deliveries. It went down very well with the audience. It just turns out that: the Isle of Man isn't in the EU; even if it were the EU doesn't have such a rule; but the UK does. (Also, it's probably quite a good idea to keep fish cool in transit, when you think about it.) Disregarding the truth for a crowd-pleasing speech that falls apart on further investigation is reasonably Trump adjacent behaviour and it's this tendency to say whatever will get him applause and power that's the main point of comparison between him and Trump.
Boris even got fired from the Times for making up stories - and then moved to the Telegraph where they're perfectly happy for their staff to make up stories. It's what he does.

In addition he has a string of disasters in his wake. As Mayor he pushed through his "garden bridge" project against all opposition despite it being a vastly overpriced boondoggle nobody wanted, resulting in 50m of taxpayer money being spent on nothing. As Foreign Secretary his efforts to get Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe freed from prison in Iran ended up earning her another three years' imprisonment for spectacularly stupid reasons. And of course his string of lies brought us Brexit. And yet his fans love him.