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Originally Posted by CarnalK View Post
In what way did he suggest that it was the ladies' fault? Post#3 he specifically says " Well no shit, I'm not blaming the women. I'm blaming my mind."
These bits:

Originally Posted by nate View Post
You women might not realize this struggle. Sometimes I think to myself how I understand the berka taking effect in the middle east, I think it would help me, but damn even women's eyes with everything else covered can shift my mood into a more animalistic mode rather than a more civilized demeanor.


I'd bet my life it's like this for 98% of males. I mean, I'm kind of curious about if you were really honest, walking down the street and you see any attractive women, how can you help your brain not automatically think "damn, I'd like to fuck the hell out of that". Especially if they are dressed in some sort of risque, butt-cheeks hanging out, skinny tanned legs outfit.