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I’m a hetero cis male. 41, healthy and virile.

When I see a woman, I notice whether she is attractive. And, if I’m being honest about what is going on in the recess of my mind, I may objectify her - “nice legs”, “nice butt”, etc.

And I work with attractive women, and I, on a base male hormonal level, prefer that to working with unattractive people, or just men. And - well, I’m being honest - a sexual thought will flash in my head if one is bent over or has revealing cleavage.

So, yeah, I’ve thought about sex with some of the women I’ve worked with. And if a woman out and about is pretty, I’ll notice. I may even glance at her an extra time.

But I don’t find this to be so distracting that I cant interact with these people. And, that inner mind that sometimes says “that’s a gorgeous sight” is also mature enough to remind me “don’t stare!” or “she’s just here to do a job.”

By the way, I think this recognition of attractiveness is typical of *all* people, not just men. I’ve seen examples of women noticing the good looking men in their midst plenty of times.

Usually, though, people manage their urges enough to get other shit done.