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Originally Posted by Bear_Nenno View Post
Is starting a new thread that much different than just agreeing the statements in the OP were offensive and moving on with the conversation? This thread or a new one. What's the difference?
Well, there isn't universal agreement, nor is it just that they were "offensive". They were exclusionary. They assumed that the audience was male and that only men could speak about the issue. And the damage is done, the tone is set--as a woman, now, I can engage in a meta-conversation in thread about whether or not the tone is appropriate or inoffensive, but that's now the topic of conversation, not the issue uncontrollably staring at a woman is normal and immutable.

But more than that, it would serve to make people think twice when they start threads about making sure they aren't being gross, offensive, exclusionary, etc. just for flavor, for rhetorical effect. Y'all don't want warnings or even notes for any behavior that isn't appalling because that's "not fair" and "we can't know where the line is" and "that would chill discussion". This is another way to encourage people to remember that this is not a locker room and that words mean things.