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Instead of "Build the wall", "E-verify, E-verify, E-verify"

So it turns out that E-verify isn't required nationwide.

I am actually pretty shocked to learn this. Note that e-verify, combined with modest enforcement effort from ICE, would make employment of illegal immigrants very difficult.

Current requirement: Employer has to 'examine' the employment documents and sign a form saying they appear valid.

How to bypass: Anyone with a readily available printer can make a plastic card that resembles a driver's license. Professional ID forgers can make it match exactly and of course put the photo of the person getting the card made on it. The social security card is a chintzy paper card that is even more trivial to copy.

With E-verify, yes, someone could still bypass using a name, driver's license number, and social security card that are all someone else's identity. Except that now there's a database entry. So after the second, and third, and so on illegal immigrant uses the same false identity, it would be fairly trivial to make this trip a software alert and send ICE detectives to investigate.

E-verify would actually reduce illegal immigration and employment, and it would be far more effective than a wall. Presumably cheaper as well.

I'm no Constitutional lawyer, but requiring all employers nationwide to do it sounds like it falls under the enumerated power of the Commerce clause. Congress should be able to force every employer in the country to do it as the employment of immigrants who have illegally crossed state lines clearly affects the national market for labor.

What say you, remaining conservative posters on this board? Do you agree or disagree that this is a good idea?

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