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Originally Posted by Shalmanese View Post
It's not like golly gee shucks, we just can't figure out the solution to all these illegal immigrants and if we just came up with the right idea, all of it would be fixed.

The fundamental thing you need to understand about the American immigration policy, as it has been implemented for decades, is that it's not designed to keep illegal immigrants *out* of the country, it's designed to keep them *in* the country but with no rights so they can be used as a source of cheaper labor. Everything about how immigration is enforced in practice is grounded in a tacit understanding that this is the goal, while there's just enough of an on paper legal framework to provide plausible deniability to those who aren't paying close enough attention.

You need to accept this as a basic starting point to the conversation before you're able to have any kind of realistic conversation about what can be done about illegal immigration.
Quoted For This-Can't-Be-Said-Too Often. The system is like it is because that's the way the people who designed it wanted it to be. "Illegality" is a crucial part of it.

It's probably no accident that the Great Deporter was a Democrat. He hadn't gotten with the program.

The Current Occupant may be going a bit far with his recent terrorisation schemes - in the current low-unemployment environment, if people really stopped coming (and arrivals are down) and all the 50+ meat packers, hotel maids and construction workers decided working was too dangerous and they'd retire and be supported by their legal citizen kids, the system would start to falter.

On the other hand, they're not above stirring the pot some more in South America in order to fix that problem
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