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Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet View Post
So, not to necro this, but if anyone is still denying that these attacks were blatant bad faith, here's the president of the united states:

Man, remember when people were giving Ilhan Omar shit because she said something about some people caring more about Israel? I remember. Those voices are strangely silent now that the president is flat-out saying that all jews should be loyal to Israel over their own congresspeople, and is approvingly quoting an antisemitic conspiracy theorist calling him "King of the jews".

If, by now, your internal model when faced with right-wing criticism isn't: "It's blatantly bad-faith bullshit. They don't actually care, they just use it because it might hurt the other side."... Time to recalibrate.
I don't feel like people are being silent, at least not jewish people. There has been uproar in my corner of the jewish world over what the President has recently said. Unfortunately, this is just the kind of stuff he says and so uproar is largely met with a shrug.

The world is pretty well fucked. I'm not sure what the solution is.
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