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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
True that e-cigs can be an addition to smoking cigarettes and not a substitute for. Individual adults should know what their goals are and judge by how well something helps them meet their own desired outcome.

If the sole goal for an adult smoker is health harm reduction then substantial harm reduction can be achieved even if all that occurs is a reduction in total number of regular cigarettes smoked per day. Even more if the e-cigs are then weaned down but no quibble that major harms reduced.

If the smoker also is frustrated by the expense of cigarettes then continuing e-cigs ad infinitum is not such a great bargain ... slightly less costly but still on average over $2K/year up in ... vapor.
Do you have any idea how expensive smoking is? In my neck of the woods, it's about $13-14 per pack. So a pack a day smoker spends over $4600/yr. I was a pack a day, now I spend about $20/week on vape juice, so a little over a $1000 a year.