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Originally Posted by pjacks View Post
The sad irony here is that the same people who keep repeating this mantra are also the same exact people who dismissed the polls 4 years ago that showed Sanders polling better against Trump than Clinton. What changed?
IMHO the thing that killed Clinton's campaign wasn't Russia, or Comey, or even her decades-long blood feud with the GOP. It was when she collapsed from pneumonia and was thrown into a car like a sack of potatoes, seemingly confirming to moronic voters a weeks-long barrage of conspiracy theories about her health. That was the exact moment she lost the election.....
Well, that's because we knew that Sanders was doing better as his Bros and the GOp were mercilessly attacking Clinton with Fake news and propaganda, while letting Bernie slide. Later we found out the kremlin was actually HELPING Bernie. So that better in the polls was completely caused by the Bros, kremlin and GOP.

538 disagrees, and honestly i dont even remember that episode.