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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
Related questions to throw out -

What fraction of the world CO2 sequestration is by the Amazon?

How much CO2 is being release by the current fires and how quickly will forest regrowth recapture how much of it?
As to your first question, I don't know. From the piece I heard on NPR, the issue is that they are burning trees to clear for farm land.

I don't know how much a mature forest sequesters. New trees replacing old ones wouldn't sequester all that much - more a steady state. AIUI the issue is that the trees are being burned, the land is used for farming, and since the land isn't that great for farming, the farm land is abandoned after a few years and the trees are then replaced by shrubs and grass, which probably doesn't absorb much CO2 overall.

The scientist I heard on NPR talked more about the Amazon being a cooling system. The evaporation or condensation of water, which is enhanced by the cover provided by trees (and not by farm land) absorbs heat from the environment.

Obviously fires would release heat as well as CO2.