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Originally Posted by Elendil's Heir View Post

Were you Stonewall Jackson's near-legendary mapmaker?
Did you die in San Francisco in 1870, before you could write your memoirs?
Were you the first flag officer of the Continental Navy?
Take 3 DQs.

Originally Posted by Prof. Pepperwinkle View Post

1) Did your company eventually expand to create "the Great American Chocolate Bar"?
2) Did you often hang around with Churchy la Femme in the comic strip Pogo?
3) Were you on of the few survivors in the play Hamlet?
1) I am not Milton Hershey.
2) I am not Howland Owl.
3) I am not Horatio.

1. real
2. male
3. first name starts with H
4. dead
5. American

(Knowed Out: note that EH already asked about the last name starting with H)

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