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Originally Posted by Slow Moving Vehicle View Post
IQ1: Are McDonald's characters considered a rip-off of your show?
IQ2: Were you a New York Times investigative journalist who covered Watergate?
IQ3: Did you burn the topless towers of Illium?
IQ1: I am not H.R. Pufnstuf.
IQ2: Take a DQ.
IQ3: I am not Helen of Troy.

Originally Posted by atimnie View Post

IQ1: Were you one of the most recorded session drummers of all time, and a member of the Baja Marimba Band?
IQ2: Were you a Broadway producer/director who started your career with The Pajama Game?
IQ3: Were you a musician and band leader known for the songs Got a Date with an Angel and Gloomy Sunday?
IQ1: Take a DQ.
IQ2: I am not Hal Prince.
IQ3: Take a DQ.

Originally Posted by Prof. Pepperwinkle View Post

1) Were you one of the three main cast members (the fat Welsh singing one who played Neddie) of the highly acclaimed BBC radio series of the 1950's and 1960's, The Goon Show?
2) Did you have a hit with the British Music Hall song With 'Er 'Ead Tucked Underneath 'Er Arm?
3) Did you have a hit with the British Music Hall song A Little Bit Of Cucumber?
1) I am not...Henry Something? I can only think of Sellers and Milligan.
2) Take a DQ.
3) Take a DQ.

1. real
2. male
3. first name starts with H
4. dead
5. American
6. not political/military
7. died after 1900
8. not known for the creative arts